Energy Conservation (through Song)

Feeling a bit under the weather today, but I have things to do so… when I have these bursts of energy, I must act. In addition to today’s song, I have to answer work emails, do some light yoga and an arms workout (because, really, what good is a singer who can’t dead-lift at least 100 lbs?). Right, now that you’ve got that image in mind, I’ll just sing, shall I?

Insert Clever Title Here

I told you before that sometimes a song just calls to me. This is one of those times. From the underrated gem of a Broadway musical, Bells are Ringing

A Little More Polish on This Gem

Last night’s recording was rough. I put together a lovely rendition of “La Isla Bonita,” only to have it deleted twice by SoundCloud. I get it, copyright… but it was nearly 10 pm and I was exhausted. So, I did a rough and tumble cover of Jimmy Buffett.

Well, today I’m cheating. Here is another recording I made weeks ago with my maestra, Vanessa Pace. Enjoy 🙂

Lessons from Papa Bear

I was raised on Disney Sing-Along VHS tapes. My whole family would get in on the act, and my poor sister rarely got to be the princess. Then again, I did have a tendency to just charge ahead and sing everyone’s part. Ooops. This song selection was inspired a lovely night out with friends; good food, good drinks, and good company!