For Robin

Hey Robbie, this one is for you! Here’s my take on “Being Alive” from that beautiful gem of a musical, Company. Thank you Vanessa, for letting me record in your studio…


Late Night Session

Going to sneak one in here, hopefully before quiet hours start. I’d hate to be the neighbor who belts songs on a school-night. Here’s another swinging serenade…

You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet (pt.1)

To quote Bing Crosby from White Christmas “Holy cow, I’m really off the ball, aren’t I?” I’m slacking and slipping and everything in between. Who knew that working for a University right before spring would be so hectic? *cough*

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall… a whole assortment of musical munchies:

My Bad.

Into month three and I’ve fallen behind a bit. Ah, that’s the problem with life. That’s OK. I’ll work doubly hard to make sure you get your song a day and that I continue to kick my butt into shape. In recognition of how good it is to be bad, here’s a rockin’ ballad by Jim Steinman, made famous by Mr. Meat Loaf himself. Toodles…