Late Night Session

Going to sneak one in here, hopefully before quiet hours start. I’d hate to be the neighbor who belts songs on a school-night. Here’s another swinging serenade…

Music of the Folk

Singer-songwriters seem like a good choice for today’s double-header (I have kickboxing tomorrow, so no song). Daylight savings time, and there’s no sun in Seattle to save. Grey grey gray all the live-long day…

You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet (pt.1)

To quote Bing Crosby from White Christmas “Holy cow, I’m really off the ball, aren’t I?” I’m slacking and slipping and everything in between. Who knew that working for a University right before spring would be so hectic? *cough*

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall… a whole assortment of musical munchies:


This song was always one of my favorites from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Right after “Roses of Success,” and the villain song was pretty good too. Oh, and “Me Ol’ Bamboo”! OK, so I love nearly every track on the Sherman Brothers-penned soundtrack (“Posh” is such a gem)… even though the Child Catcher was the scariest thing EVER.

I know so many songs, however, that I confess to having forgotten this one until I heard Pink Martini sing it with the von Trapps (yes, those von Trapps) in concert about two years ago. It has since become one of the most played tracks in my Platypus playlist (it’s a thing, don’t worry about it).

Sisters, Sisters

First, some background: today is the day my sister and I celebrate each other. Robin and I have been through a lot together, including a lot of music and a lot of television shows. For whatever reason, I have a vivid recollection of watching Nick at Night with her, eating Grandma Jeffrey’s amazingly-good and famous burritos, and having lots of fun. One of the shows we watched was The Monkees. In addition to belting out the title song, we also were quite found of singing this one (and practicing the monkey walk in the grocery store. We also did a dance called ‘Strawberry-Kiwi,’ but that’s a story for another time).

This one’s for you, Ro-bear. My forever partner in crime.

*p.s. Fixed the audio again! It’s a learning process…

A Little Protein

It’s a grey, melancholy day. So I wanted some Meat Loaf . He can be very soulful, and I love the lyrics (surprise) to this song. Also, did you know that Barry Manilow also sang this one? I find it funny, actually. I inherited a very eclectic taste in music from my parents. Manilow and Meat Loaf were always playing in our house. Any given day. So of course it makes sense, I suppose, that they sang the same song. And now I get to…

Cheat Day

Another pre-recorded gem for you all because I am going out tonight. To see the Lego-Batman movie. Because I am an adult.

Anyway, here is perhaps the best song to sing in musical theatre because 15 minutes later, the character dies… but EVERYONE remembers this number.