For Robin

Hey Robbie, this one is for you! Here’s my take on “Being Alive” from that beautiful gem of a musical, Company. Thank you Vanessa, for letting me record in your studio…

So Nice to Be Back Home Where I Belong

Hello Dolly! was the second musical I think my father ever showed me. The first was Singin’ in the Rain (fun fact, I lost my voice imitating Lina Lamont’s rather *ahem* distinctive sound). I was hooked. The music was so much fun to sing, the film was brightly colored and directed by Gene Kelly, the waiters’ ballet was one of my favorite things to watch (choreographed by the incredible Michael Kidd), and the script was funny!¬†It also was my first exposure to Babs and Ol’ Satchmo ūüėČ

Moreover, it was my second time listening to Michael Crawford. The first, of course, was the record my parents had of The Phantom of the Opera. 20 odd years earlier, Crawford was the dorky Cornelius Hackle in the film. My sister would later beat me up for not telling her this until seven years later. Really. She wrapped her wiry limbs around me and would not let go as she pummeled me.

Special thanks to Maestra Vanessa Pace for reminding me of this great score!

One Month!

I did it! I’ve successfully¬†honored my goals for one month. I’ve posted daily to this blog, exercised, and everything! Only … 11 more months to go :/

Anyway, seeing as how I have another event tonight, I leave you with a recording of me soloing with the Sno-King Community Chorale on “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again.”

Phantom of the Opera has been my obsession for nigh-on 20 years, so it was a dream come true to get to perform the role of Christine Daaé in any capacity. Plus, since my father passed away a few short years ago, this song resonates with me in a new way.

BIG THANKS to my mother for making the recording! Someday, maybe, I’ll actually get the full audio from Sno-King.

For you, Papa Bear…



Honesty Hour: I was depressed a good chunk of today. I was tired, cranky at some people, glum over the state of the world… blah blah blah. My inclination when I feel like this is to retreat into doing nothing… which, surprise, doesn’t do anything to make me feel better. Instead, I changed into my gym clothes and killed my arms with some weight lifting: audible grunts, gritted teeth and all. And, as you’ll notice from today’s song, that rebellious/fighting spirit is still going strong…

Blue Monday

Apparently today is when, according to mental health professionals, the post-holiday blues hit people the hardest, and they are at the most risk. Reading about this during the bus ride in this morning, I had already decided what song I was going to sing today, but then the universe decided to throw down another card that makes this, well… just perfect.