Soggy Bottom Girl

Today’s song is brought to you by a combination of a cold glass of beer, good southern barbecue, the Coen brothers, and a very wet day.

A Tale and a Tune

When I was growing up, my parents LOVED folk singers. This makes sense, of course, considering that they grew up in the 70s, when folk music was popular music and singer-songwriters were the celebrated troubadours of the day. As a lover of stories myself, this music had a habit of getting stuck in my head. Or as Stephen Schwartz would say, “sticking to the soul.” I still crank up the volume when Gordon Lightfoot sings of “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” and when I was… 10? 11? I loved wailing out the chorus of today’s sad, sobby song. I think we can all relate, sometimes, to someone who’s gone a little mad…