Late Night Session

Going to sneak one in here, hopefully before quiet hours start. I’d hate to be the neighbor who belts songs on a school-night. Here’s another swinging serenade…

Going Back to the Well

Turns out having a social life in the evenings cuts into my recording time. Go figure. Any way, I’m determined to get back on track with today’s jazzy double header. Take it away, maestros…

Dear, and Amen

How about a little more Cole Porter, eh? Something with a little bounce and cynicism? I swear, I do not have a love/hate flippy-floppy relationship* with happiness and love… composers do.

* Backing tracks, now, those I do love/hate. Thanks for listening!

Le Jazz Hot

I think my neighbors may be listening to a symphony composed entirely of motor vehicle horns. Most unpleasant. Good thing I recorded this little Gershwin diddy before they made their obnoxious way home.

A toast to those lost loves, those loves that we had to leave, or those loves that just wandered away…

Energy Conservation (through Song)

Feeling a bit under the weather today, but I have things to do so… when I have these bursts of energy, I must act. In addition to today’s song, I have to answer work emails, do some light yoga and an arms workout (because, really, what good is a singer who can’t dead-lift at least 100 lbs?). Right, now that you’ve got that image in mind, I’ll just sing, shall I?

Are You Certain?

For all of our optimism, life really is terribly uncertain. Today’s selection is a literal ballad to uncertainty… particularly in that thing called “love.” I wonder if anyone’s ever done a study… for ever song about love going right, it seems like there’s five more about it going wrong, or less than perfect. Oh right, Valentine’s Day is coming up 😉