Late Night Session

Going to sneak one in here, hopefully before quiet hours start. I’d hate to be the neighbor who belts songs on a school-night. Here’s another swinging serenade…


Le Jazz Hot

I think my neighbors may be listening to a symphony composed entirely of motor vehicle horns. Most unpleasant. Good thing I recorded this little Gershwin diddy before they made their obnoxious way home.

A toast to those lost loves, those loves that we had to leave, or those loves that just wandered away…

Energy Conservation (through Song)

Feeling a bit under the weather today, but I have things to do so… when I have these bursts of energy, I must act. In addition to today’s song, I have to answer work emails, do some light yoga and an arms workout (because, really, what good is a singer who can’t dead-lift at least 100 lbs?). Right, now that you’ve got that image in mind, I’ll just sing, shall I?