A Trip Down Memory Lane

When I was little, my Dad prided himself on having cutting-edge technology. I mean, Laser Discs. We didn’t have the double VHS version of TITANIC, my friends, we had the Double-Laser Disc set.

I’m not sure if it was part of the sales pitch, but Laser Disc also had a LOT of Karaoke discs in its library, and we had 10 or so of them. And my sister and I would run through them all. Even at the tender age of eight, Robbie and I knew the music videos that accompanied these songs were god awful. VERY early 90s. Like the eye-shadow pictured above.

Anyway, fast forward to today’s selection, which I LOVED singing when I was little and still enjoy today. And, thanks to the wonders of YouTube, the same karaoke track that was on the laser disc is now online, so that’s what you’ll hear.

Cheers to 2017, and karaoke videos with terrible production values… may they never stop entertaining me.