Auld Lang Syne… let’s see if we can try this again

I think the challenge with New Year’s resolutions is that they are more often about the end result than anything else. As the year goes on and people see that there is no way they are going to meet this ideal, they get discouraged and throw in the proverbial towel. *Raises Hand* I do. Every year. I set myself some grand and lofty goals that I could only reach if I were some sort of android, and then tend to abandon them a month into the journey.

This year, I’ve decided it’s all about action. As long as I can act, I will be satisfied. I will not judge or criticize, rather I will simply do. Nearly 30 years old, and I think, I finally understand what Yoda was encouraging Luke to do… just act, and the rest will follow.

So, part of my goals is to sing and record a song a day. It’s not going to be perfect. The levels will probably be off, my voice will crack, but I am only allowing myself 5 takes. And then I’ll upload them here…

Cheers to 2017! At the suggestion of my Maestra, Vanessa Pace: